Curriculum Vitae (abbreviated)

Download a pdf version of my full resumé here. Feel free to email me for an un-redacted version.


Adelaide University

  • PHD MOLECULAR ECOLOGY (1.2012 ‐ 12.2015)
  • Thesis: “Antarctic biodiversity surveys using high throughput sequencing: Understanding landscape and communities of the Prince-Charles-Mountains.”
  • Mentors: Dr. Mark Stevens, Dr. Laurence Clarke, Prof. Dr. Alan Cooper

University of Leipzig, British Antarctic Survey

  • MSC BIOLOGY (Zoology, Genetics, Botany, Plant Physiology; 6.2005 ‐ 9.2010)
  • Thesis: “Origins of Antarctic Tardigrades”.
  • Mentors: Dr. Chester Sands, Dr. Mark Stevens, Prof. Dr. Peter Convey

Research experience:

Helmholtz Institute for Metabolic, Obesity and Vascular Research

  • STAFF SCIENTIST (since 11.2022)
  • Statistical analyses development (R:linear mixed effect modelling, general additive modelling,differential protein and gene expression analyses, functional protein and gene analyses)
  • Multi‐Omics data processing (Proteomics, RNAseq, Microarrays, WGS data Bash,Python, R)
  • Multi‐Omics pipeline development (SLURM, Nexflow, Snakemake)

Otago University ‐ Department of Anatomy

  • Analysis of environmental DNA from marine conservation areas.
  • Genome reconstruction of extinct giant eagle Harpagornis moorei
  • Eukkayotic environmental DNA analysis of Antarctic soils (PrinceCharlesMountains)
  • Colorimetric LAMP assays of Undaria pinnatifida

Cornell University ‐ Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

  • Analysis of environmental DNA from global shipping ports. NSF grant 1427157
  • Prokayotic environmental DNA analysis of Antarctic soils (Vestfold Hills)
  • Colorimetric LAMP assays of Hydrilla verticillata

Max‐Plank‐Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology ‐ Molecular Ecology

  • RESEARCH ASSISTANT (1.2007 ‐ 10.2009)
  • Extraction, sequencing, and analysis of various ancient DNA samples
  • Sanger, 454, Illumina sequencing
  • Molecular cloning

Dr. Paul Czechowski

Computational Biologist and Molecular Ecologist