Project work examples

All projects listed here are listed as pre-prints, or active collaborations in the analysis stage as listed in my CV.

Analyses of Environmental DNA

  • For examples of my environmental DNA work in Antarctica and Fiordland click here.
  • I am currently publishing the details of a LAMP assay for the detection of invasive species such as Undaria pinnatifida in water bodies.
  • Computationally expensive tasks are run on the Cornell University’s BioHPC Cloud.
Undaria pinnatifida
Undaria pinnatifida in New Zealand

Ancient Genomics

Harpagornis moorei
A claw of Harpagornis moorei
  • See below how PubMed sees my previous ancient DNA work:
Pubmed word cloud
A colourful summary of my previous ancient DNA work

Dr. Paul Czechowski

Computational Biologist and Molecular Ecologist